Monday, July 18, 2011

Touché in Indiranagar

I don't know how to categorize this restaurant without using the term "multi-cuisine", so I just left the label out. To me, multi-cuisine spells "I don't really know how to cook anything, so I'll cook everything", which too often means mediocre-tasting food in abundance. While food is not their specialty, digital entertainment might be. I think this place would be appealing to people who don't like socializing over food or for parents dining with ADD kids who constantly need to be entertained.

I don't mean to sound negative. This place is not all bad. For instance, they are one of the more eco-friendly restaurants in town. No use of paper (you place your order on the touch-screen computer that's also your dining table), and instead of paper towels, they provide clean, ironed white napkins.

Chicken quesadilla
Chicken quesadilla was a safe order and turned out to be not bad at all.

Caesar salad
Caesar salad - not made with caesar dressing but more like mayonnaise (and too much of it!) with a few wilted lettuce leaves and a bad attempt on croutons.

Walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream, which turned out OK but I swear it tasted like it was made out of Betty Crocker's brownie mix.

Touche Indiranagar
The touchscreen menu which lists all the food and beverages along with their photos. When you're done ordering your meal, you could also play some games and read a few jokes, if you like.

Touche Indiranagar
Inside Touché.

Overall Ratings:
Po's: 4.5/10
A's: 6/10

Would we return?
Highly Unlikely.

100 Feet Road, Indiranagar , Bangalore

Citrus at the Leela Palace

I love Sunday brunch buffets! I know I haven't reviewed too many of them, so this past weekend I thought I'd check out the brunch at Citrus, in the Leela Palace. Unfortunately though (and to my surprise), we were too early for the brunch buffet (it was 11:30a.m and brunch starts at noon. Really? Isn't brunch breakfast + lunch. Wouldn't "lunch buffet" be more appropriate that late?). So we had to order from the a la carte menu which is not bad, but the fun factor of having breakfast or brunch at the Leela is that the cafe is surrounded by peaceful and beautiful greenery.

For Rs650, I got the following.

Breakfast, Leela
Fresh seasonal fruits, with a nice tall glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Breakfast, Leela
Omelette with pieces of lobster, mushrooms, cheese (and they forgot to add red peppers). I thought the lobster was a bit fishy and the omelette didn't have any seasoning. Other than that, it was a nice and fluffy omelette, which is how I like it.

Hot Chocolate, Leela
And to end the meal, a cup of hot chocolate (which turned out a bit too milky for my taste).

Overall Ratings:
Po's: 7/10 (mainly for the peaceful atmosphere)

Would we return?
Probably for brunch.

Airport Rd, Kodihalli
Bangalore, Karnataka