Monday, May 24, 2010


I think Andhra food is the comfort food of India. Very high in fat, carbohydrate and spice level but every mouthful tastes so good. I've been to Nagarjuna twice (first one was on Double Road) and I haven't been disappointed. This is one of those restaurants you'd want to bring your out-of-town (or country) friends for dinner.

My only advice: Do not eat here if you are about to run long distance the next morning like the Sunfeast 10K Run.

Freshly deep-fried papads to start.

Pepper chicken (and mutton).

They offer some dishes with interesting names like Chicken 65 or Chicken 88 but I can't remember what this one is called...

Spicy fried gobi (cauliflower). We only ordered this because Kubz (one of "A"'s good friends) decided we needed some vegetables in this meal.

Chicken biryani. Yes, I found a piece of hair in my biryani but that's not uncommon in a restaurant like this.

Served with a side of raita and gravy (again, I can't remember what it's called). Most meals are served on banana leaves and eaten with hands. So eco-friendly, I love it!

Buttermilk - tastes like savory yogurt and supposedly good for your stomach, especially after a spicy meal.

Inside the restaurant - wait staff standing by your tables just waiting to serve you.

Overall Ratings:
"A"'s: 7.5/10
Po's: 7.5/10

Would we return?
Yes and probably with some foreign friends.

There is a few locations but the one we went to was in:
44/1 Residency Road,
Residency Road,


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