Monday, May 31, 2010

Spanish Cookout at Caperberry

Last weekend, I attended the Spanish Cookout at Caperberry. I won't go in details here what we made (and ate) but you can read about it in on my other blog.

Instead I'll tell you about what Chef Abhijit Saha served us for lunch, after our cooking class, when we were already quite stuffed from eating all the tapas we just made.

Lunch: Appetizers - fried calamari, chicken al ajillo, and minted lamp chops
Tapas that we had just learned how to cook. (L to R) Fried calamari, chicken al ajillo and minted lamb chops.

Lunch: Mushroom Soup
Mushroom Soup with almonds, quite the usual mushroom soup but nonetheless, very tasty.

Lunch: Gazpacho
Gazpacho. I actually liked this a lot and I usually don't like cold soups.

Lunch: Entree - Pan fried Grouper
Pan-fried grouper with creamed spinach. The fillets were very moist and creamed spinach comparable to what you'd get in a restaurant in NYC.

Lunch: Entree Veg Option
Vegetarian entree option. I'm guessing grilled vegetables with creamed spinach.

Lunch: Entree - Grilled Chicken in Tomato sauce
Grilled chicken with tomato sauce. "A" liked it so much he finished the whole plate!

Dessert: Churroz with dark chocolate cream
And for dessert, churroz with dark chocolate cream. Not quite like the ones served in a cafe in Madrid but so good by itself, it doesn't have to be compared. I loved the dark chocolate cream. If we had it our way, we would've poured the rest of the chocolate cream into my purse and taken it home.

More stories on the cooking class.

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